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Allah Helps Those Who Seek Guidance

Muslim community, promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Quran & Sunnah

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Nothing Is Impossible With Allah

Muslim community, promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Quran & Sunnah

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Islam is an Abrahamic Monotheistic Religion

Muslim community, promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Quran & Sunnah

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  • Jumu'ah 1:10 PM Iqamah:

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Welcome To Masjid Darul Imaan

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. 

IMAAN - The Islamic Malay Australian Association of New South Wales is a non profit organisation serving the Malay Muslim community and wider Sydney Muslim community. As caretakers for the Masjid Darul Imaan at Wolli Creek, Sydney Australia. 

IMAAN strives to provide services and guidance to the Muslim community as well as the wider Australian community.

Masjid Darul Imaan conduct the five daily prayers and Friday prayer at 1:10pm all year round. There is also a Saturday school for the Islamic education for children at all levels as well as adults with various classes held during the week.

Saturday School Announcement:   Assalaamualaikum students and families - Just a reminder the classes will resume Saturday 5 March 2022 at 10am inshallah. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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Wednesday 28 June 2023

May Allah swt reward you and family and the Australian Muslim community for worship, intentions and sacrifices during these blessed days and nights and on celebrating Eid Al-Adha for the year 1444.  

Muslim Burial Plots – Can be purchased at Muslim Lawn, Kemps Creek Cemetery. Please contact Hj. Udin Aodinin at Masjid Darul Imaan or email your interest to info@imaan.com.au

COVID-19 – Please check the latest updates on restrictions (this may include mask wearing and social distancing) before attending the Masjid, at the website “Rules for NSW”

The Pillars of Islam

Core Beliefs and Practices

  • Shahadah

  • Solath

  • Sawm

  • Zakat

  • Hajj


Importance of the Prayer 

The importance of the prayer in Islam cannot be understated. It is the first pillar of Islam that the Prophet Muhammad (saw), mentioned after mentioning the Testimony of Faith, by which one becomes a Muslim. It was made obligatory upon all the prophets and for all peoples. God has declared its obligatory status under majestic circumstances. For example, when God spoke directly to Moses, He said,
“And I have chosen you, so listen to that which is inspired to you. Verily, I am God! There is none worthy of worship but I, so worship Me and offer prayer perfectly for My remembrance.”
(Quran 20:13-14)
Similarly, the prayers were made obligatory upon the Prophet Muhammad (saw) during his ascension to heaven. Furthermore, when God praises the believers, such as in the beginning of the chapter entitled ‘al-Muminoon’ (the Believers), one of the first descriptions He states is their adherence to the prayers. The importance of the prayers lies in the fact that no matter what actions one performs in his life, the most important aspect is one’s relationship to God, that is, one’s faith (imaan), Godconsciousness (taqwa), sincerity (ikhlas) and worship of God (ibaadah). This relationship with God is both demonstrated and put into practice, as well as improved and increased, by the prayer. Therefore, if the prayers are sound and proper, the rest of
the deeds will be sound and proper; and if the prayers are not sound and proper, then the rest of the deeds will not be sound and proper, as the Prophet himself stated.
In reality, if the prayer is performed properly – with true remembrance of God and turning to Him for forgiveness – it will have a lasting effect on the person.

Go to Allah Before its too Late

15th Jumada-Al-Awaal, 1445 - Wed, 29th Nov, 2023 - Sydney, AU

  • Fajr 2:57 AM
  • Zuhr 11:43 AM
  • Asr 3:28 PM
  • Maghrib 6:49 PM
  • Isha 8:23 PM
  • Jumu'ah

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